A few years ago I spent three years of my life studying for a politics degree here. It was a complete waste of time and money. The course consisted of a bunch of far-left lecturers from the politics and sociology departments indoctrinating students into far-left ideology. Virtually all the lecturers are on the hard-left of the political spectrum and use the course to impose their own views on students at the expense of teaching quality subject matter, or addressing alternative points of view. The quality of teaching is poor and vague, and focuses on subjects that are of importance to the hard-left, but that are otherwise obscure and irrelevant.

The course doesn’t teach anything useful about any field of politics, and by the time you’ve finished the course you come out knowing very little at all. I eventually graduated with a degree that was of zero utility either academically or otherwise. The whole social sciences department here is a waste of money both to tuition fee paying students and to the taxpayer, and is simply used to promote left-wing propaganda at public expense.

The experience was so bad that it has plagued my mind ever since. Thus, I have created this website to outline my experiences and to raise awareness of what is going on. I believe it is within the public interest to do so, as the department is being funded by public money, and it’s actions inevitably have an impact on wider society. I would also like to advise people not to repeat the mistake of studying here.

Don’t waste your time – learn something vocational.


Below is a list of lecturers who taught here. I have documented examples of their far-left indoctrination:


Alan McGauley (principal politics lecturer)

Andy Price (head of Politics department)


Carissa Honeywell (anarchist professor)


Edgar Tembo


Bob Jeffery (antifa professor)


Ruth Barley


Jon Dean


Knut Roder


Peter Arnold
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Linda Grant 
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Pro-EU Agenda



Guest Speakers and Events






Common Purpose 




More to come, stay tuned folks…


Disclaimer – This website is for information and awareness purposes. Under no circumstances should anyone send abuse or threats to lecturers, or attempt to contact them in person without their prior consent.