Whilst I was at Sheffield Hallam University they would occasionally organise guest speakers to come in and talk to students. Nothing wrong with that in itself, expect every single speaker was from a left-wing group. I have listed below the speakers from the talks that were held, along with the name of the talk and email evidence:
-Akala: Race, Class and Imperialism (organised by Bob Jeffery – imagine my shock)
-Natalie Bennett – Green Party leader: talk on her own party (This was an external talk that was promoted to students by the University)
-Linda McAvan – Labour MEP: Problems and Issues in the EU
-Natascha Engel – Labour MP: Women in Politics
-Paul Blomfield – Labour MP: Q&A
-Bill Adams – Yorkshire and Humber TUC: Working for a trade union
-Ken Warren: US Politics – This is the only talk I actually attended, it was terrible. He just spent the whole session bashing the Republican party and provided no evidence for any of his claims, whole thing was just an emotional spasm.