Ruth Barley

University Profile



Teaches Sociology, as a politics student I had her for a few lectures. She promoted the stereotypical well-rehearsed postmodern nonsense that we have come to expect from socialist pseudo-academics. Her teaching was centered around the idea that there is no objective reality, and instead focusing on people’s perceptions and feelings as a way to understand the world, suggesting that everything is just a ‘social construct’. This is pseudo-intellectual rubbish and the disciple of sociology as since come under a lot of criticism from promoting these left-wing theories that contradict basic science. A lot of her lecturers focused heavily on race, gender and sexual orientation, which included a entire lecture on the whole ‘race is a social construct’ diatribe. 

I have included below screenshots from a ‘Researching Society’ module guide (a module she led), that give an overview of lectures on ‘researching gender and sexuality’ and ‘researching ethnicity’. Both descriptions mention that these are ‘socially constructed’, while the lecture on ‘gender and sexuality’ talks of using ‘feminist research’ to ‘explore’ the subject.



Her profile mentions, unsurprisingly, that her research interests are ‘diversity and inclusion’ and ‘cultural diversity’, stating:

“I am a sociology lecturer in the Faculty of Development and Society with research interests in diversity and inclusion. My broad research interests lie within the area of cultural diversity, identity and inclusion”

Disturbingly, it also states she works with children, stating she is interested in:

how children conceptualise and operationalise identity and the impact that this has on their development.”  methodological interests in developing participatory research practices with children and also in working with cultural minority groups.

she also mentions work in:

“developing participatory research practices with children and also in working with cultural minority groups.”

This does infer indoctrinating children in to lefty propaganda, and is worrying to say the least.

Her profile also states that prior to joining the University she was a “researcher with the Centre for Education and Inclusion Research (CEIR)” and that she took part in a project “looking at Ethnic Diversity in UK Social Research”. She is also listed as a ‘UCU Equality Officer’.

Her profile also documents the various left-wing publications she has written. 



Her ‘likes’ section reveals she has liked numerous left wing causes including ‘Corbyn for PM’, ‘Hope not Hate’, ‘Nobody likes a Tory’, ‘International Solidarity Movement’ and ‘Class War’, the group that abused Jacob Rees-Mogg outside his home whilst his children were present.



She is also listed as a ‘Partner Governor’ at ‘Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’ (link). I’m not entirely sure what a sociologist can contribute to the medical profession, but her fixation with children’s views on race it is cause for concern to say the least.


This woman is not an academic, she is a far-left ideologue with a mind full of rubbish.